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How do exhibition centres provide adaptable spaces with highest safety standards?

Yes, it is a niche area of the construction industry, but when a new exhibition centre or hall is planned, there are many trades and skills that come together to produce an innovative and design-led stadium that has massive architectural impact.

From modular exhibition stadia, to iconic buildings such as the O2, an exhibition centre is the central focus of a city’s economic life. Upon arrival at the venue the visitor is instantly impressed with the uniqueness of the building and the sheer enormity of it.

Exhibition Space With High Safety Standards

So, given that exhibition centres must be sizeable enough to host a huge variation of shows and exhibitors, how does the interior adapt to serve the individual requirements and still ensure the highest safety standards and optimum functionality? The answer is during the fit-out stage and the use of movable walls.

Movable wall systems for exhibition centres, seminars and conference rooms

The Movable Wall System is truly at the top of the product range. Manufactured in the UK, this top hung system allows limitless stacking solutions, unrivalled acoustic standards and peak performance in sites with construction deflections.

Flexible wall system is exhibition space

Stacking options

From single point suspension with one roller fitted centrally for each panel for simple stacking against a permanent wall, to sophisticated double point suspension systems with multi directional rollers, movable walls from Flexible Wall Systems will provide the perfect solution to dividing massive spaces such as exhibition halls and stadiums. All the stacking options are simply explained in our brochure.


Stacking options for movable walls in exhibition space

Acoustic performance

Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with interlocking seal interfaces, provides up to 59dB sound block performance. Seal pressure of up to 2KN per linear metre is made possible by the rapid action scissor jack mechanism ensuring excellent onsite acoustic performance can be achieved. Read more on the acoustic performance of movable walls on our website.

Guaranteed panel alignment

The top hung mechanism also performs within site restrictions or constraints, such as uneven floors and deflections. Magnetic profiles complement precision engineered roller and track systems allowing effortless operation. Roller locking mechanisms guarantees panel alignment in the long term. All systems are acoustically tested and certified and are available in a range of finishes including laminate, white marker, veneer, digi‐art or primed for onsite decorating.

Finished exhibition area with flexible wall systems

Get in touch

Before the fit-out stage of the build is planned for the exhibition centre, get in touch to arrange a site visit and quote. Flexible Wall Systems operate throughout the UK providing a full movable wall and sliding folding partition design and installation service. Our team will work with you to design a cost effective system to maximise your space.



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