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Fabric Wall Systems: The sound insulation solution

Fabric Moving Wall Partition System

Who needs sound insulation solutions?

  • Schools – separating libraries from classrooms or general use areas
  • Colleges – for smaller, quiet study zones
  • Hospitals – creating private consultation areas
  • Churches – for collections of smaller groups wanting quiet spaces
  • Sports halls – needing extra space for noisy or multiple activities

These are just a selection of the applications that room dividers with sound insulation qualities are ideal for. One of the most effective and best value solutions is to choose fabric wall systems.

What level of soundproofing can I achieve?

Fabric wall systems from Flexible Wall Solutions offer a sound reduction of between 15 and 35 dB. ‘Sweep strips’ come as standard and are fitted above and below the room divider, to prevent sound penetration around the partition. Room dividers that offer that level of sound insulation and are fire retardant to class 1 and 0 of BS476 (Flame Spread) are perfect for your application.

The concertina system of acoustic panels, is made of a fully washable vinyl, which also boasts antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria. This hypoallergenic quality makes our fabric wall systems suitable for areas that demand a high level of hygiene and a superior cleanliness standard, such as nurseries, doctor’s consultation rooms and hospitals.

Fabric Wall System

What do I need before I get a fabric wall system?

Some projects we have undertaken had absolutely no supporting structure in place before we started work. Flexible Wall Systems can offer a bespoke built supporting structure that can be either entirely self-supporting or supported from either the ceiling or the floor.

If you have a colour scheme that you would like to continue with the fabric wall system, then a sample of the 24 standard colours can be provided at the time of the visit. However, if you have a more specific colour in mind for your room divider, you might like to provide us with a swatch or sample, so we can order it for you. We can even produce the acoustic panels with different colours on either side.

How do I get a fabric wall system installed?

Initially, you will need to make an appointment with one of our engineers. We will arrange times that are most suitable to your schedule so as not interrupt your business. Once we have been able to assess your sound insulation needs and current solutions (if any), we will offer a full quote including a break-down of exactly what work needs to be done.

Flexible Wall Systems operate throughout the UK, so for a free no obligation consultation on how we can help you maximise your space and minimise your noise, get in touch and we’ll attempt to expand your space potential without overstretching your budget.

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