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Folding walls with digital art – Custom room dividers

Folding walls and room dividers for offices, schools, universities and leisure centres need to be hard wearing and functional. Now, thanks to Flexible Wall Systems, they can also be a piece of art, designed with your decor in mind.

Folding Wall With Digital Art

The Technical Bits

Our folding wall systems are made up of compliant, natural anodised aluminium or stainless steel panels. Specialised manufacturing techniques produce a number of great benefits to the functionality of the wall:

  • sound reduction from 25dB to 48dB
  • 70mm – 100mm thick panels, as required for your purpose
  • maximum panel width of 850mm, allowing for bespoke fitting to your requirements
  • lightweight for ease of use, weighing around 22 – 47kg/m2

Folding Partition with Digital Art

Benefits To You

  • low profile threshold, eliminating trip hazards
  • easy adjustment by you when required, thanks to bespoke door jams
  • concealed wall fixings, not compromising your room
  • range of finishes including laminate, veneer, digital art, or primed for your own artwork

Folding wall system with digital art

Digital art folding walls

Imagine a dreary uninspiring wall, that greets you and your visitors, being transformed into an impactful and stunning piece of art.

Amazing works of art can easily be recreated on your folding wall panels, with our specialised digital process.
Once you have chosen the technical specifications of the folding wall panels, simply provide us with a high quality, high resolution set of images, tell us your expectations and we will do the rest. We will provide you with a full set of proofs of the final product before manufacturing and keep you updated on the whole process.

Folding walls and partition systems

Paint your own room dividers

If the impact you’re looking for is to showcase your own art work, then we can provide the perfect sized and spec folding wall panels for your space, primed and ready for you to decorate or paint in any way you choose. What greater way to inspire your visitors than to tailor the room decoration perfectly for their needs?

For full details of our folding walls and room dividers, including full technical specifications and folding options, view our folding wall systems brochure, or get in touch with one of our engineers to make an appointment for a no obligation quote.

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