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Lions and mice – The rise of SME’s and the appeal of the local provider

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When it comes to having the resources and far reaching man power to fulfil big contracts, big national companies are tough to compete with. However, unless the vision of the company is perpetuated throughout recruitment and ongoing training, the customer can be left at the mercy of targets and procedures that drive revenue. The strength and power is apparent, but the wit and thoughtfulness is overpowered as distant management directs the culture.


Lions and Mice

Taking care of the ‘mice’

Small companies occasionally get overlooked when a web-search results in larger national companies appearing higher up the list and are therefore seemingly more important or significant to the needs of the customer. Here, the company has paid for advertising to get them higher up the list, is generally a known brand and therefore perceived as more trustworthy, but often charge call out fees un-necessarily and staff aren’t autonomous in their employment, kowtowing to sales and call out targets.

A team to be proud of

Our values have never been lost sight of. We employ on these values and build a team to deliver a service, not a force to increase man-power. Our investment in training and retaining our team pays off because with us, it’s personal. Our appreciation and respect is felt amongst all our team members and that in turn, is shown to all our clients.

Service over sales

The heading says it all. We are not driven by targets for sales or call-outs. We are driven by the positive experience we provide when our service is delivered. Our company is the perfect antidote to large national companies that have lost focus.


Every one of our engineers is an expert in their field. They are accountable to the client and to themselves, because they are a part of Flexible Wall Systems. Rather than being passed from pillar to post on the end of the phone, our telephone operators are the engineers. They will not put you on hold or put you through to another department only to lose you in the ether, but they will take responsibility and more importantly, get your call sorted.


How often do you get a genuine phone call from a company requesting feedback of their service? We rarely hear from the likes of Premier Inn or Tesco unless there’s a link to Tripadvisor, or another ratings website involved, or in answer to a complaint and it’s never in the form of an informal telephone call enquiring after your satisfaction with the end product or services. Flexible Wall Systems is always interested to find what we could do better and give the client a chance to tell us what they would like to see in future. Not a questionnaire – a conversation!

Good things come in small packages

Small businesses like ours have the opportunity to really make a difference for our clients, striving to achieve the same standard of service as is perceived from the ‘lions’ in the industry. However as mice, we offer an insight that only true devotion to our product and clients results in a highly professional, personalised and effective service, from staff that are empowered and valued, making the client the centre of everything they do. Now, isn’t that an appealing option?

To find out more about the services that Flexible Wall Systems provides, visit our website, or call us with your queries on 01487 773177.

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