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Movable Walls for Dividing your Spaces

If you have large spaces you want to section off to create individual rooms, movable walls are the answer. A Movable Wall is a top hung individual panel system with retractable seals top and bottom, this allows the panels to glide effortlessly into position, so they can be easily moved and changed. The top hung system of FWS’ movable walls also allows limitless stacking options, meaning your wall can be as long as you need it to be, allowing you to divide your largest spaces into even more useable areas.

Acoustically divide conference and seminar rooms, class rooms, function rooms, office space and community halls

Often the space you need to divide is required for a multitude of uses and so the problem of sound travelling through the walls prevents effective division. Flexible Wall Systems’ movable walls solve this problem with acoustic infills and a high seal pressure.

Acoustic infills are combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seals giving up to 59dB sound block performance. The ‘scissor jack’ mechanism ensures excellent onsite acoustic performance by producing a seal pressure of up to 2KN per linear metre. Uneven floors and deflections are not complications as our mechanism performs well with a wide variety of on-site restrictions.

Movable walls with effortless operation allow ease of use

No matter the length of the room the movable wall spans, Flexible Wall Systems’ magnetic profiles and precision engineered track systems, with unique roller locking system, guarantees panel alignment in the long term.
All systems are acoustically tested to ISO 140-3 and certified for shock impact, endurance, thermal insulation and stability. Available in a range of finishes including laminate, white marker, veneer, digi-art or primed for onsite decorating.

PremierWall by Accordial – The highest specification of movable walls

Flexible Wall Systems’ favoured manufacturer is Accordial. Their PremierWall system boasts the highest specification range, with acoustic insulation capable of achieving up to 59dB.
So what makes the PremierWall different?

      1. Acoustically compliant to BB93.Ease of Operation
      2. Durability
      3. Measured performance
      4. Attention to detail
      5. Designed, manufactured, supplied and installed all by one UK based company

The Premier Movable Wall is a rapid action acoustic movable wall system designed for easy, efficient and reliable daily use. Interlocking, individual panels, 100mm thick, carried on rollers running in a top track only, push together with an expanding panel as the last element, to form a complete, secure partition wall. Panels have independently operating pressure seal carriers extending at top and bottom.

      1. High acoustic performance up to 59db
      2. Acoustically tested pass doors
      3. Vast selection of finishes – inc veneer, laminate etc
      4. Flexible division with various stacking options
      5. Top hung with no floor tracks
      6. Fire rated options available
      7. Panels can be manufactured up to 10,000 mm high

Movable walls with a wide variety of stacking options
The top hung, rapid action systems come in a choice of eight options. All options are carried on rollers, pushing the individual panels together, with a final expanding panel as the last element.

Stacking Option S1

Single Point Suspension, panels have 1 Roller fitted central of each panel & can only stack at either end of opening.


Stacking Option S2

Double Point Suspension, panels have 2 multi directional rollers with 1 roller always on centreline of top tracks


Stacking option S3

Double Point Suspension, panels have 2 multi directional rollers with both rollers stacking away from centreline top tracks


Stacking Option S4

Double Point Suspension, panels have 2 multi directional rollers with both rollers stacking away from centreline top tracks


Stacking options 5-8


Browse the full range of movable walls

The full range of movable wall options is available to view in our beautiful brochure. If you have a solution in mind that is not showcased in the brochure, please get in touch and one of our fully qualified engineers will be happy to speak with you.

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