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Need a movable wall or partition? How to choose the right flexible wall system…

In the current working climate, the demand on our workspaces has increased. We need to make the best use of every available space and optimise every possible workable area. That’s where movable walls, sliding partitions and folding walls come into their own.
You’ve identified the need for some sort of partitioning solution, but how do you choose the right flexible wall system for your space? Any environment can benefit from a flexible wall solution:

      Office spaces
      Conference centres
      Public buildings
      Schools and nurseries
      Sports centres and stadia
      Exhibition halls and galleries

With an extensive range of products including folding and sliding partitions, acoustic performance panel options and top hung or floor track systems, Flexible Wall Systems are sure to be able to solve your workspace issues and make your available space work harder for you.

Folding walls for schools and offices

Our folding wall systems are ideal for larger spaces that need to divide the workspace into smaller areas. Offices, schools, universities and leisure centres all make the best use of this type of concertina style flexible wall system.

Folding Wall Systems for school partitions

This folding wall system provides sound reduction from 25dB to 48dB and can be top hung or floor supported depending on your needs. Panels are available in a range of finishes:

      White marker
      Bespoke Digital Art
      Primed for onsite decorating
      Full technical details are available on our website.

Movable walls for art galleries and conference centres

Unlike folding walls, movable walls do not concertina up, rather the panels slide over one another, leaving a partial divide or folding flat against the end walls to open the space right up.

Folding Partition Wall System

Movable wall systems provide a higher sound proofing level than folding walls, providing acoustic performance up to 59dB, making this system ideal for use in busy offices, conference centres, exhibition halls or galleries and leisure centres.

Folding Flexible Wall System

The full range of finishes is available for folding walls including:

      White marker
      Bespoke Digital Art
      Primed for onsite decorating

Full technical details on movable wall systems are available on the Flexible Wall Systems website.

Sliding Wall Systems for bedrooms and contemporary space management

The panels of a sliding wall system do not fold flat against the end walls, but Flexible Wall Systems can modify the end walls to accommodate the sliding panels in a bespoke pocket, enabling the panels to slide into the wall itself. Sliding wall panels glide over one another, creating an aesthetically pleasing room feature and make excellent large wardrobe doors. Or where a partition wall is not a suitable alternative, sliding wall panels provide solutions such as dividing bedrooms.

Sliding Wall Systems for Bedrooms

The panels of the sliding wall system are simple push and pull panels, designed to replace traditional solid core doors that tend to distort over time.

Again, the full range of finishes is available for our sliding walls, making them perfectly able to coordinate with your chosen room decor.

Sliding Wall System

Downloadable the Sliding Wall Systems Brochure Sliding Wall Systems Brochure

Fabric wall systems for hospitals and community halls

The fully washable fabric with antimicrobials to protect against the growth of mildew, mould and bacteria used with our fabric wall systems make them ideal for use in areas of heavy use where a high level of hygiene and cleanliness is required.

The material in fabric wall systems is fully washable and is fire retardant to class ‘1’ and ‘0’ of BS476 Flame Spread ensuring the high health and safety standards of schools, nurseries, hospitals and GP surgeries alike. Fabric wall systems are available in a range of 24 standard colours, with special colours available to order.

Fabric Moving Wall Partition System

Please download our brochure.

The right system, the right service

Flexible Wall Systems operate throughout the UK providing a full movable wall and sliding folding partition design and installation service. Our team will work with you to design a cost effective system to maximise your space. If you need advice and a no obligation conversation to help determine the perfect system for your demanding workspace, get in touch and our fully qualified engineers will be happy to help.

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