» » New Movable Wall Installation In Robert Drake Primary School, Essex.

New Movable Wall Installation In Robert Drake Primary School, Essex.

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Flexible Wall Systems has recently fitted a brand new movable wall in Robert Drake Primary School, in Essex.

About The Site

Opened in 1969, Robert Drake Primary School, Benfleet has a pleasant rural feel with its two acres of grounds surrounded by trees. The large hall is well equipped for physical activities and as with many school halls is used for a multitude of other activities including performances, assemblies, SATs and additional working areas.

The installation of the movable wall was part of a larger contract with family run construction company, Newlyns to make general improvements to the usability of the existing space. Newlyns have progressed in all aspects of the building industry, specialising in major refurbishments in schools and leisure centres.

Essex School Hall Movable Wall Installation.

The Movable Wall From Flexible Wall Systems

The system selected for the primary school was a standard movable wall which simply stacks against the end wall when fully opened. We initially took two engineers to the site to install the track, returning a few weeks later with a team of four engineers to install the panels.

Flexible Wall Systems secured the site following the track installation, leaving the room safe for use by all, while the next convenient time was arranged to complete the movable wall panel installation. This way there is very little disruption to the activities of our customers and business can continue as usual.

Tracking For Movable Wall Installation, Essex.

Essex Primary School, Movable Wall Panel Installation

Movable wall systems come in a range of finishes, from simple veneer to bespoke. Robert Drake Primary School opted for a hygienically wipe clean finish of low pressure laminate in Grey (Abet 854 SE1). Schools often find that the low pressure laminate finish is the best option for extending the longevity of their movable wall systems in areas where it may come into contact with pieces of equipment or lots of hands.

Movable Wall Laminate Finish for Primary School In Essex.

First Year Service Included Free

Robert Drake Primary School will benefit from the standard offer that Flexible Walls Systems offers with all new installations. The first annual service of the wall is included in the price of the initial installation. We are looking forward to returning next year to see how the school children have benefitted from this exciting refurbishment to their school hall.


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