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From fault to fix: A three step customer journey with flexible wall systems

Have you noticed a fault with your folding wall, movable wall or sliding partition? Our website lists the common faults you may have been putting up with, but didn’t realise you could easily deal with.

Whether you have a screw loose or have a real emergency to get under control, we can take you through the stages of service, with ease.

Repairing A Flexible Wall System

Step One: Make the right call

Even if your premises comprises of more than one type of flexible wall system, from more than one manufacturer, you only need to make one call. Our telephones are answered by our trained engineers so you will have immediate access to an expert on all movable walls, sliding partitions and folding walls. All you need to tell us is the nature of the fault and what you need, we can do the rest.

At the time of the call we’d like to establish a nominated site contact, agree the call out fee and take any information you can give that may assist us with an on-site repair in the first visit.

Step Two: Convenient site visit

Very simply, the second step is to arrange a time to visit that is convenient to you and causes the least disruption to your business.

Same day visits are possible, and we will never leave a flexible wall system in a dangerous condition.

Step Three: Arrival on site

We will arrive on site to meet the nominated contact and start the survey of the fault. It is not necessary for you to stay with our engineer, although some clients choose to do so. We always strive towards facilitating an immediate repair of your flexible wall system and carry many parts for many systems, so, by hook or by crook we will undertake the work there and then, leaving you secure and ready to continue work.

If an immediate repair is not possible, we will complete the visit by securing the fault, arranging another time to return with the necessary equipment and completing the worksheet. Invoices are raised back at the office.

So, simply does it

Flexible Wall Systems never put pressure on clients to sign a contract. We are always available to dispense advice on any manufacturer’s folding wall, movable wall or sliding partition. If you think you need a service or maintenance visit, get in touch and we’ll show you how simple it is, even if you have complicated requirements.

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