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New Movable Walls Systems For Witton Lodge Community Association.

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Witton lodge is a community association working tirelessly to regenerate a run-down inner city housing estate.

Alongside the building of new homes and the steady demolition of sub-standard properties, Witton Lodge runs a vital service at the heart of the community – The Perry Common Hall. The hall is used for a wide range of activities and takes regular bookings from members of the community to hold parties and functions in the venue, which boasts a catering standard kitchen and modern facilities.

Movable Wall Installation in Witton Lodge

And Flexible Wall Systems was recently able to support this community asset and make it even more useful by the direct supply and installation of 2.8 meter high movable walls.

Beautiful Oak Effect Walls

Perry Common Hall is already a beautiful location, with wood laminate floors and recently refreshed décor. The 8.4m x 2.8m high movable walls were chosen in a low pressure laminate with oak wood effect finish, perfectly complimenting the whole room and adding to the ambience of this much loved hall.

Witton Lodge Movable Wall Systems Installed

How Perry Common Hall Benefits From Movable Walls

This particular project took only one day to install and included the ceiling works to allow the track to be installed. For Witton Lodge this meant the absolute minimum disturbance to booking schedules of the hall, and since Perry Common Hall is also a good source of revenue for the whole association, minimal losses were incurred.

The movable wall system is a top hung system, meaning there was no cause to modify the existing floor, saving time and money for the association and still allowing the excellent accessibility for disabled visitors.

As you can see from the photographs, the hall was left in a fully useable condition and so the association did not lose time or spend personnel effort on the clearing of any mess left by our engineers.

Perry Common Hall is used in much the same way as any other community hall, hosting birthday parties, meetings and many other functions. However, perhaps most importantly it is the venue for community subsidised activities, bringing the community closer together with a shared love and respect of the Witton Lodge Community Association and the mission to nurture “a safe, clean and friendly community for people to live in” – http://www.wittonlodge.org.uk/

How Can Movable Walls Benefit You?

If your community centre, village hall or church hall would like to benefit from movable walls in the same way as Witton Lodge’s Perry Common Hall, get in touch with one of our engineers and ask us how we can help you.

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