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What are BB93 Acoustic standards for schools?

BB93 stands for Building Bulletin 93 , a document published in 2003 setting out the minimum standards a school must meet for the acoustic performance of school buildings.

Acoustic Partitions in Schools

Why is BB93 important?

Standards for acoustic performance in schools are vital for the health and safety of those within the buildings. Noise levels affect the stress levels of people and in the learning environment can hamper lesson delivery and hamper the progress of students.

Acoustic performance standards were introduced and written out in 2003 by the UK Government to ensure the health and safety principles of students and staff alike are upheld.

“Each room or other space in a school building shall be designed and constructed in such a way that it has the acoustic conditions and the insulation against disturbance by noise appropriate to its intended use.”
gov.uk – Acoustic design of schools: performance standards

How Flexible Wall Systems helps schools comply with BB93

The BB93 document from gov.uk details the sound proof qualities required for compliance to the regulations:

Sound Proof Partitions in School

Flexibal Walls in Schools and Acoustic Properties

Acosutic Movable Walls in Schools

As you can see the maximum sound reduction required for any of the rooms or purposes for use is 55dB. Flexible Wall Systems offers a number of acoustic solutions, here we highlight the top three:

Compliant to maximum requirements – Movable Walls: 59dB

The Movable Wall System is truly at the head of its class. UK manufactured, this top hung system allows limitless stacking solutions.

Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seal interfaces give up to 59dB sound block performance. Unrivalled seal pressure of 2KN per linear metre is possible by our unique rapid action scissor jack mechanism ensuring excellent onsite acoustic performance.

All systems are acoustically tested to ISO 140-3 and certified for shock impact, endurance, thermal insulation and stability.

Compliant to mid-range requirements – Folding Walls: 48dB

Our Folding Wall System is a hinged panel system providing sound reduction between 25dB and 48dB.

Supplied as either a top hung or floor supported system. The floor supported option features a low profile threshold which is designed to address trip hazard concerns.

Sound performance is achieved by specialised manufacturing techniques including high specification acoustic infill, & using unique profiles with multi-pronged acoustic seals.

You can read all about the folding wall system here: Folding wall systems

Compliant to low range requirements – Fabric Walls: 35dB

Our Fabric Wall System comprises a vinyl concertina system which offers a sound reduction of between 15 and 35dB. Top and bottom sweep strips are included to reduce sound penetration around the partition.

The material is fully washable and fire retardant to class “l” and “0” of BS476 Flame Spread and contains antimicrobials to protect against the growth of mildew, mould, fungi and bacteria.

If you have any queries regarding which flexible wall system is the right one for your school or college, please get in touch. Our experienced and qualified engineers will be happy to advise.

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