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Movable Walls Service & Repair

Movable Walls and Sliding Partitions are expensive systems. Over time they become worn and faulty.

Flexible Wall Systems provide essential scheduled maintenance and repair services to restore your movable walls and partitions back to the condition they were in when you first purchased them.

Working with the leading manufacturers, our service and maintenance engineers are fully qualified to identify faults and restore your movable walls or sliding partitions to full working order quickly, efficiently and with the least possible disruption. Regular service and maintenance visits will maximise the life of your movable walls or sliding partitions and save you the inconvenience and unwanted expense of installing replacement systems.

Common movable wall and sliding partition faults

  • Panels difficult to manoeuvre
  • Track and roller system ware
  • Panels misaligned
  • Seals stick to floor or ceiling
  • Acoustic performance drops
  • Doors misaligned
  • Retractable seals fail to move
  • Hinge ware and misassignment
  • Panels scuffed and worn

We service movable walls and sliding partitions in

  • Offices
  • Conference centres
  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Schools
  • Sports centres and stadia
  • Exhibition halls
  • Shops

Movable wall and sliding partition panel replacement service

Whether your partition panels appear worn or scuffed, or you are refurbishing your space, we can offer a replacement service for your existing fascia panels supplying new ones to match current decor or your new colour scheme. We can even retro fit complete panels on a number of systems if wear and tear exceeds superficial damage.

We fit an extensive range of materials and finishes to panels including wood veneer, glass, paints and stains, melamine boards and textiles.

Call 01525 306962 for a no obligation consultation on how we can help you extend the life of your movable walls or sliding partitions, saving you thousands of pounds.









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